Grammar Broonie

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 23.11.59‘In Scottish folk tradition, broonies are supernatural helpers around the house. The Grammar Broonie … is designed to be an equally useful helper in the classroom.’ (TES review)

Grammar Broonie is a guide to modern Scots grammar for use in schools. The idea originally grew out of a feature which I included in the Electronic Scots School Dictionary. The first edition of Broonie, with illustrations by Barbara Robertson, was published in 1999 and a second edition (with a new section of classroom exercises by Matthew Fitt), was published by Polygon the following year. This second edition is still available via print-on-demand from EUP.

As the original Broonie is now out of print, I am making it available free to download (as scanned page images) via the link below. You can also download vocabulary sheets based around a fictional town called Scotstoun, which again first featured in the Electronic Scots School Dictionary:

Download Broonie first edition

Download Scotstoun worksheets