Shellycoat: teaching ideas

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 12.15.39Reading or listening to Scots stories is a great way to learn more about the Scots language.

I have put together some worksheets, puzzles and other suggestions for ways to teach Scots linked to the words and themes in the Shellycoat story. These are all free to download from the links below. 

The Teacher Resources document includes a glossary of Scots words and phrases used in Shellycoat, as well as some further teaching ideas – and a solution to the Shellycoat crossword!

There will also be a longer glossary, covering the whole Stories in Scots series, available on the BBC Learning website soon.

For more background on the story, or to access the written text, please see the main Shellycoat page on my website.

Resources to download:

Shellycoat Scots Words (pupil worksheet) – download

Shellycoat Crossword (pupil worksheet) –download

Invent a Scots Craitur! (pupil worksheet) download

Scots Shell Names (pupil worksheet) – download

Scots Bird Names (pupil worksheet) – download

Teacher Resources download