Dahl in Scots

Roald Dahl’s The BFG, translated for the first time into Scots – BRAWSOME!!

Susan Rennie’s Scots translation of Dahl’s original The BFG loses none of the charm of the original – rather, amplifying it, as we enjoy afresh a much-loved story, and rejoice in Rennie’s wonderful use of language.’ (The Skinny)

Watch a video recording of me introducing and reading from The GFG below:

‘Hoots!’ skirled the Giant, his michty voice makkin the gless jars dirl
on their rack. ‘Me snashterin up human beans! This I dinna! That is
for the tithers! The tithers is snashterin them ilka nicht, but no me!
I is an unco Giant! I is a douce an joco Giant! I is the ainly douce an joco
Giant in the Land o Giants! I is THE GUID FREENDLY GIANT! I is the GFG.’

Ae nicht, as the ither bairns sleep, Sophy is wheeched fae her bed in the orphanage by the muckle haund o a giant. Lucky for her, it belangs tae the Guid Freendly Giant. The GFG disna eat wee lassies. He jist eats foostie feechcumbers an drinks fuzzleglog. But there are ither giants that are no sae freendly an that snashter up slaversome human beans for their tea. Can Sophy an her new freend the GFG think on a sleekit ploy tae stap the likes o the Bluidsqueesher, the Girslegorbler, the Slaistermaister, an their hail ugsome clan?

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Published by: Black & White Publishing
Available from June 2016
ISBN: 9781785300400
Price: £6.99

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