The Wee Prince

There wis aince a wee prince that bade on a planet scarce bigger nor himsel, an he sair needit a freend…

The Wee Prince is a Scots translation of the classic story, Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The story has been translated into over 320 languages — and is now available in Scots!  The text is accompanied by Saint-Exupéry’s well-loved illustrations.

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In the middle of the Sahara, a thoosand mile frae hoose or hame, a stranded pilot meets a young stravaiger from another planet, who asks him to draw a picture of a sheep. From this byordinar beginning, an unbreakable friendship forms, as the enigmatic Wee Prince reveals the secrets of his dowff an dowie life, his fondness for sundouns, his love for a wondrous bonnie but fykie rose – and his need for a sheep to keep the michty baobabs at bay!

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Nou there were a hantle ill seeds on the hame planet o the wee prince; an yon were the seeds o the baobab tree. The yird o the planet wis owerspreid wi them. A baobab canna be redd oot gin ye mind it ower late. It owergangs the haill planet. Its roots rax clear out-throu. An gin the planet is ower wee, an the baobabs are ower muckle, they will rive it tae taivers.

First published in 1943, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s moving and poetic tale is both timeless and timely, with its message that the things that really matter in life – the muckle maitters – are takkin guid tent of your hame planet, and cultivating the deep ties of friendship and love.

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Published by Edition Tintenfass, July 2017.
ISBN: 9783946190592

Orders can be placed with the publisher or via bookshops. It is also available in Blackwell’s Edinburgh, or online through the Gaelic Books Council.Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 18.04.43

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